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European Stone Design Services

Landscape Contractor Services in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge

European Stone design has been providing the Kitchener Waterloo area with personalized design and consultation projects for 25 years. We offer the newest products and professional installation for any natural or pre-cast stone to bring your patio, walkway or retaining wall from concept to reality.

We are a family owned company that takes pride in every project. We stand behind our work with 1 and 2 year warranties. Through hands-on partnering with you - our customer, we ensure that creative ideas are brought to life through design and construction.

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    Interlocking Stone

    Interlocking stone can be installed in any size, shape or colour giving you the ability to personalize your home with unlimited design capabilities.

    European Stone Design staff are experts in installing driveways, walkways and patios and will leave you impressed and fully satisfied.

    Any custom creation is a durable investment that will be enjoyed for many years and stand strong through many harsh winters without the worry of constant maintenance.

    Interlocking stone is a wonderful addition to any property and can transform any area into a unique outdoor living space.

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    Retaining Walls & Steps

    Made to manufacturing specifications retaining walls are a beautiful support and design tool for any project.

    You will find exactly what you are looking for with such a huge variety of stone to choose from. No matter how large or small any retaining wall, each will add to the beauty of your outdoor living space.

    Patios, walkways, and driveways may all be outlined with retaining walls adding to the elegance of each project. Use retaining walls to surround flower beds and gardens to further develop the creative and artistic look of your outdoors.

  • Porch and Stairs - Overlay

    Front Entrance Feature (Overlay)

    Upgrade your tired old concrete porch and steps with a tile overlay.

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    Flagstone and Armour Stone

    Do you like centurian charm and warmth? This may be a project of interest.

    Impressive armour stone pieces, available in many styles, randomly placed amongst flagstone pathways is always a focal point in landscape design. You will never get tired of this natural earthly look and it is a different approach than the normal interlocking stone projects.

    Any addition with flagstone and armour stone will add to the high class look of your home and leave you thoroughly satisfied.

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    Landscape Design and Construction

    Are you finding it difficult to visualize the design you have come up with? European Stone Design offers you the ability to see your project completed before any work has begun with professional landscape drawings.

    There are different design packages to choose from to ensure you are satisfied with your decision. The high end professional drawings can also be used as decorative artwork inside your house, highlighting your attractive property on the outside.

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    Interlocking Repair / Relay of Existing Interlocking Stone

    Make your existing interlock stone driveway, walkway or patio look new again.

    We can lift and relay any area of interlocking stone. Over time certain spots may have a sagging foundation we simply lift all the stone, correct your foundation problems, and relay them back in.

    This is an excellent idea when the stones themselves are still in good condition and you are happy with the way your project looked before any foundation problems.

    We can also use the existing stone to make additions or give the area a completely new look

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    Make your old stone look new again.

    Ask about our Power Wash, Sand and Seal of existing paving stones.

European Stone Design - Suppliers & Materials

We deal with a wide range of suppliers to ensure that your individual needs are met. Our experience enables us to tailor our work to suit any style or taste.
Our affiliation with the locally owned natural stone suppliers in the region allows us to bring any design idea to life - from crushed stone to armour stone - there is no job we cannot handle.

Ask about our Power Wash, Sand and Seal of existing paving stones.

Make Your Old Stone Look New Again.

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